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What is happening to the Baloch in Afghanistan?

We had raised concerns on the first day that the Baloch refugees in Afghanistan may not be so safe there anymore. Aware of the situation, some friends were satisfied with the latest situation. He believed that the current occupiers of Afghanistan had changed from the past and had no direct conflict with the Baloch, so there would be no issue for them.

But just ten days after the occupation, the situation has begun to change. According to some recent reports, there have been raids on the homes of Baloch refugees in Afghanistan and their evictions. Interestingly, according to the names of the perpetrators and the information they are passing on to them, their fabric reaches across the border.

However, the situation could be difficult for Baloch refugees. The misfortune of the Baloch is that they have not been able to lobby for themselves even globally. There is no individual or institution in the entire diaspora that carries any weight in the global community.

The plight of thousands of helpless refugees depends on the behavior of Afghanistan’s current rulers, whose fabrics move across the border or across seven seas. The Baloch have no choice but to protest, raise their voices and demand that the Baloch refugees in Afghanistan be treated in accordance with international agreements, wherever there are Diaspora people globally. Even if the current government of Afghanistan cannot keep them, they should be sent back with safety and dignity.

Such humiliating treatment will affect relations and conditions between the two regions and nations. The Afghan government must not forget that millions of Afghan refugees live in Baluchistan. Their treatment of the Baloch refugees in Afghanistan will surely affect the Afghan refugees here in one way or another.

Although this is all a game of world chess, the weaker side in it will have to play their tricks very carefully. The slightest negligence can lead to defeat.

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