ٖٖFive fuel-transporter motorcycles caught fire in the Pogoli area on the border with Kalegan

At least five transporter motorcycles caught fire following the pursuit of fuel-transporter motorcycles by Revolutionary Guards forces at the Kalehgan border.

According to the Baloch Activists’ Campaign, five fuel-transporter motorcycles on caught fire in the Pogoli area on the border in Kalegan as a result of the pursuit of Revolutionary Guards officers.

The fugitives collided with each other during a chase by Revolutionary Guards, which resulted in the burning of at least five motorcycles.

According to reports received by the campaign, Baluch citizens are transporting fuel on donkeys, motorcycles and vans at the Kalegan border for a living.

It has been reported that the Revolutionary Guards attributed the cause of the fire to people who fuel with donkeys in order to create differences between Baluch fuel users after the motorcycles caught fire.

Baloch civil activists believe that the Revolutionary Guards ‘divisive actions are aimed at destroying the Baloch citizens’ only source of income.

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