Deprivation of Irandegan citizens of water, electricity, medical centers, Internet and communication channels

Several villages in the Irandegan district of Khash city, along with the critical situation of Corona, are deprived of access to water, electricity, medical centers, the Internet and proper communication channels.

According to the Baloch Activists Campaign, the villages of the Guatemak region are deprived of access to the minimum citizenship facilities, despite the population of over 350 families in the Iranian section of Khash city.

According to reports, Guatemac Village and surrounding areas do not have access to water, electricity and the Internet.

Also, the lack of a medical center along with the widespread outbreak of corona has added to the crisis in these areas.

It is reported that impassable roads in these areas have become a serious problem for citizens, so that traffic is impossible in some parts of these roads.

In addition to the existing problems, the residents of these areas are living in poor living conditions and are not able to provide health items such as masks and pay for treatment.

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