Baluch students held for protesting against ‘irregularities’ in test

QUETTA: Balochistan police recently took more than fifty Baluch students into custody and baton-charged several others for protesting at Edhi Chowk. Baluch Students were raising their voices against irregularities in the online entry test by the Pakistan Medical Commission(PMC).

The protesting students appeared in the online test conducted by the PMC from Islamabad for seats of Bolan Medical College.

Haseebullah Baloch, Chairman of the Baluch Students Action Committee,  told that the questions in the paper were out of the course and had nothing to do with the subjects the students had studied.

He also said that the candidates who were yet to appear in some papers of the online test had been declared fail without giving them the chance even to appear.

He demanded an inquiry into these irregularities as the future of several students of Balochistan was at stake due to the injustice committed by the PMC.

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