Baluchmedia (Balochmedia) is a news, analysis, opinion and knowledge venture, first launched in August 2003. It is sharply focused on Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan politics and policy, government and Balochistan state governance. Its leadership team includes Balochistan’s most experienced and respected journalists, Baloch activists.

The website managed by group of Baloch social activist around the worlds , and are in the process of balochmedia (Baluchmedia) working proudly since 1999 to serve Baloch Nation in greater way and to make this network a bridge for Baloch people over the world. Baloch Media provides latest Baluchistan World News from the most comprehensive global news network on the internet. News and analysis on Baluchistan and international current events, business, finance, politics, economy, sports and more. Searchable news in 4 languages.

Originally the name was It was started on 2002-06-10, and started on 2003-04-22 now stands for national Baloch media network’. Within a year Baloch media came forward with online discussion panels, web pages for some programmes, free web pages for associates and an Internet connection service. After being started off in 2002 the address continued to be the same for sometime. The two sites (balochmedia site) and entertainment merged in 2004 to become the aim was creating better relation with our supporter.